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CBSE Exams: CBSE Class 10th Board Exam Cancelled, 12th Postponed Till May 30

CBSE Exams

CBSE Exams: Millions of students – In view of the demand of parents and the increasing infection of Corona, the government has postponed the exams for class 12. Now these examinations will be decided after the review meeting on 1 June. This decision is very important for the students appearing in the CBSE examination this year. In such a situation, it is known from the experts that the students who take the 12th examination will face the challenges after this decision-

How will the delay in the examination affect the admission process and competitive examinations?

  • According to expert Dhruv Banerjee, a new session of studies usually starts from 1 July. But, this time the exam can be held till July. In such a situation, the admission process and academic session will start with a delay of one to two months.
  • At the same time, talking about competitive exam, career counselor Jitin Chawla says that postponement of the exam will not have much effect. Because there are many entrance exams like law, management, hotel management, etc., in which the board examination is not necessary.

A review meeting is to be held in June, even if the situation does not improve, will they be postponed further?

Experts say that if there will be a review to conduct the exam on June 1, then there will be papers only after June 15. Even if the situation does not improve then these examinations will be postponed further. After which they will be held till July.

The government has not considered online as an option yet, will it be adopted if conditions continue to deteriorate?

  • Regarding the online examination, career counselor Jitin Chawla said that the examinations will be online only if the situation worsens. Because at the moment neither is seen going from the country to Corona nor has vaccination completed yet. However, he also said that the online exam would not be considered very valuable.
  • According to expert Dhruv Banerjee, this exam will not be a value as compared to offline examination. The offline exam is objective based, in such a way that students have prepared for the offline examination, they will have some problems when suddenly the online exam is decided. If there is an online examination, question papers will be very easy in it. CBSE Exams.

Do not know when the exam will be done, how to keep the commitment in such a situation

At the same time, both the expert and career counselor have advised students to focus on the competitive exam when the exam is postponed. According to him, even if the board examination has been postponed, then the students of class 12th have a good chance to prepare for the JEE exam to be held in the coming days. As such, students can prepare for other competitive exams including JEE, NEET till the date of board examination is fixed.

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