Dot NET or JAVA – Which is better for Future and Career?

Dot NET or JAVA - Which is better for Future and Career

Friends, whenever we get a chance, we sometimes ask a software developer who is the best Java or Dot Net from the perspective of career & future, this post is based on this so that you can know that the future and career. Who is better for, so that there is no confusion for Career. If you search on the internet related to this topic, you will get results biased because most people will be either fans of java or net.But this article will be completely based on both.

Java vs Dot Net

The biggest question is whether the two can be compared? When it comes to java, it is a programming language, while talking about .Net, it is a type of framework that supports a lot of languages ​​like – C #, VB.Net, Asp etc. The framework is a type of pool that has many There are ready made functionalities that you can use for your coding. Generally, if spoken, both are good in their work and both have world-wide demand for very complex projects.

Who is the Easiest to Learn?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer because it all depends on you which thing you find easy because there are many people who find Java easy and they are the master of it. It seems easy to work on the framework, but if I am asked the same question, it will be easier for me to work on the .NET framework because there are many such preloaded tools of its framework that make it a little easier.

Career Opportunities in Java or Dot Net

Some things here are interesting. If we see in today’s time, wherever people are hired for work, then the advertisement on that place does not say that “Java Programmers Required” or “.Net Programmers Required” you will see most of the jobs that J2EE , Qualification like JSF is important, for which you should have both java and c # and for the net people, it is important to know SQL server and other MS tech, then the thing to note is that you have to improve your knowledge yourself and new things You have to know about whatever career path you choose. If you talk about the last few years, both Java developers and.Net developers have been in high demand and this will hardly change for a few years to come.

What is the Best for the Future?

There is not much thinking on this topic, you should make yourself future-proof because it is not easy to predict the technology. Today, both of them are famous, they may not be in the coming time because something is changing every minute, if you are a software engineer / If you want to become a developer, then you are not able to join one programming language, so that you can learn one language well and keep learning other programming languages ​​slowly because if your logic skills are good, then you have someone It will also be easy to learn programming language and will learn quickly.


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