What is DevOps and Why is It Used?

What is DevOps? Or where is DevOps used? These questions will always come in your mind, so today we are going to see the answers to these questions. In which, what is DevOps? Used to say DevOps? Or why DevOps is used? Everyone is going to see this.

Friends, you know that the software industry has become the largest industry in the world. And the highest quality, security and speed is required only in software development. That’s why DevOps was invented. Due to the rapid increase in demand for DevOps, the demand of devops engineers is also, increasing. There are many DevOps engineers who are getting good jobs by learning DevOps tools. The salary of devops engineers is also good.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a software development system. Which leads to communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and information technology (IT) professionals. DevOps is specifically used to rapidly evaluate products or services. Due to which the risk involved in the manufacture of service and product is minimized. Along with this comes less expense and the quality of service or product also increases.

DevOps focuses on product delivery, quality testing, feature development and maintenance, which improves reliability, security, fast development and development lifecycle. DevOps uses agile and other software development processes and functions.

Why is DevOps used?

The main reason why DevOps is needed is the gap between developers & testers and the operations team / business services. The main reason for the gap between these two is –

  • Both the development system and the production system are different.
  • Effect of code change.

DevOps has been created to correct this gap. Which reduced the gap between the development system and the production system. The major changes were given below –

  • Reducing the developer team with Ops enabled, the result of changes to the code.
  • Due to DevOps, the software development team can now do even better with the Production Equivalent System.
  • Automation was used in the development process due to DevOps.
  • Communication and collaboration, increased due to DevOps.

History of DevOps

The first conference of DevOps was held in 2009 in Ghent, Belgium. Patrick Debis was the founder of this conference. It is spreading slowly in other countries and has spread all over the world. And this is also being seen from the perspective of the technology used in the future. In which new changes are also being made so that DevOps can be even better in the coming time.



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