What is Java and Why is It Important? History of Java

What is Java and Why is It Important_ History of Java

You must have heard the name of Java. But this question must have come in your mind that what is Java What is Java and how to learn Java Programming Language with it. Will answer this in today’s article and would like to give some more information related to it. History Of JAVA.

In today’s time, the Demand of Programming Language is very high. If I tell you an interesting thing, your hoses will fly away. In recent times, Java Code is used in more than 3000000 electronic devices. From this you can guess how popular this Programming Language is.

You are still using all the smart phones and electronic devices like AC, Oven, Smart TV, Digital Fridege are used in all of them. Programming different parts in equipment of some Automated Industries. If you want to learn Android Programming, then learning Java is very important. So let’s know what Java is.

What is the Use of JAVA?

This Computer Programming Language has only one purpose. Whatever code is written in it, it should be run in all computers. Whether or not the two machines are the same or not, I mean to say, code written in C ++ is never the same Execute in another machine, for example, whether it is an OS (Windows or Mac). Code written in Windows never runs in Mac OS, but it is wrong in the case of java.

It is used to create web based programming and mobile application, software. All the operating systems of Android like Kitkat, Lolipop, Oreo have all been developed from this programming language. In today’s time, all the web pages run on Java Script. The question in your mind will be how does Code Execute happen.

History Of JAVA

Its history is very fun, so it is very important to know this. It was married to the Green Team. Members of the Java team were called the Green Team. The only objective of this team was to create an AC language that could be used to program electronics devices like Set-top Boxes, Television. At that time it was an Advance Concept. But it proved most helpful for Internet going forward. After some time it got this technology with Netscape.


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