What is Python? History of Python and Its Advantages

What is Python?

Do you want to become a Programmer? If yes, what is Python and why is it used? You should know about it. Most people interested in coding language know less about Python because it is a high-level programming language. Python is used to perform large tasks.

If you are learning “Python” as the first programming language, then it is good for you. Python is a very simple and one step ahead of other programming languages ​​JavaScript, C, C ++, Java, Kotlin etc. Along with this, it is the most popular new-age language for programmer’s, as it is used in everything from web development to software development and scientific application making.

But we learn any language only when there is benefit of learning it. The future of PYTHON is going to be even brighter in the coming times. Today giants such as Google, Yahoo, Quora, Pinterest and Spotify use it. As a Python developer you can make a lot of money.

History of Python

Python programming language was created by Guido Van Rossum in the 1980s. It started at the National Institute for mathematics and computer science Netherlands. python language was invented by ABC with programming language. Because it was able to interface with exception handling and Amoeba operation system.

Many people ask about the name of Python, what is the relation of the name of a snake to the programming language. Actually Python’s name originated from a comedy show. A script called Monty Python’s Flying Circus was published by BBC Comedy Series in the 1970s. Impressed by this, Van Rossum named python. History of Python.

Advantages of Python

1. Presence of Third Party Modules: Python Package Index (PyPI) has several third-party modules that enable Python to interact with other languages ​​and platforms.

2. Extensive Support Libraries: Python provides a large standard library that includes libraries such as Internet protocols, string operations, web service tools and operating system interfaces. Many high use programming tasks are already scripted in the standard library which reduces the code length significantly.

3. Open Source and Community Development: Python language is developed under an OSI-approved open source license, making it free to use and distribute for commercial purposes.


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